New Boracay

Oct 31, Wednesday… the last day of October; Happy Halloween my friend

Another year is almost passing by… glad the bonus of a half-year vacation happened earlier due to Boracay shutdown, allowing my husband and I both finally to take a deep breath, stop, and smell the roses again

After moving in a much more private place with gorgeous white beach view, we took our time settling in, then started travelling… both visited his families in USA and I have been back in Shanghai visiting my parents a couple times; we certainly appreciate each other more, while getting along well with each other – communications are picking up significantly and all those misunderstandings, and frustrations built up in the past are given enough time for detailed explanations while settled down

Also because of the unexpected pause in life, I finally figure out what I really want/desire… let go of MAHAL Sailing, for it is originally my husband’s dream, allowing him to take over while run his authentic American Style from the re-opening of Boracay; and I, focus on my favorite white beach, sharing real passion for a genuine Boracay Lifestyle with visitors from all over the world

Yes, it is the lifestyle, a true lifestyle… we chose Boracay, at the very beginning, from Shanghai all the way here; gave up promising careers, and hot money we are making, in exchange for fresh air, Caribbean like ocean, warm hospitality communities with friendship, and all-time simple happiness around the small tropical island

And thanks to a new era of Boracay, awaken and inspired me to launch Boracay Lifestyle Club for sincere congratulations on its Oct 26 re-opening… I can imagine myself greeting people on the soft gentle sand beach, entertaining them to personally customized venue from select wining and dining locations, sharing latest gourmet from my super picky yet honest foodie taste, while proudly presenting the Best of the Best from the Paradise under Sun, chit chatting and hopefully making friends in the background of unearthly beauty for their Dream Vacation in a Lifetime; how cool is that?

About Lilyan

Sharing a genuine Cruising Lifestyle with guests from all over the world on our 42ft Cruising Catamaran MAHAL at Boracay (
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