Go Around Come Around + See You Again Amanpulo

Missed editorial in June due to MAHAL Maintenance and Upgrade at Subic also my two weeks sneaking back in Shanghai for Dragon Boat Festival, Father’s Day, and My Brother’s Birthday etc~ this July, I’m gonna make up for you, my friend, with DOUBLE Highlights featuring pictures even with those Fresh ones from our just-accomplished Amanpulo Trip.

… As for the whole month of June Maintenance and Upgrade for MAHAL at Subic, it was indeed going Very Well this time.

Setting off from Boracay on June 1 (Saturday), with three friends on board after a 3-day/night cruise, MAHAL was finally safely arriving at Subic Bay Yacht Club before sunset on June 3 (Monday).

Witnessing MAHAL out of water at Subic Dock the next day, it was quite impressive for me to participate the whole Haul Out process as a team player.

Later on involving with Maintenance details such as choosing appropriate paint from International Paint for delivery, arranging experienced paint team to sand, prime, then layer upon layer antifouling paints on to ensure Bottom Job professionally done, and skilled team to buff the whole yacht from bottom to top for ultimately glorious shine etc., besides with Upgrades as New Lettering for Advanced Romance, New Lifeline for Higher Performance, and New Sonar and Underwater LED Lights Installation etc~ it was actually a large scope of projects going on and lots of serious work lined up with specific time constraints.

With tremendous efforts, time, and patience, it was Super relieved and exciting for us to send MAHAL back in the water on June 25 (Tuesday) eventually~ as I know, guests from all over the world in the near future would be convinced by the True Beauty while fall in love at first sight whenever they step on board.

Just like this July, a scheduled Cruise Vacation booked more than Half Year ago by an American Family, together with an unexpected visit from management team from Amanpulo, once again proved our unique private luxury Sailing in Style experience provided with undoubted genuine hospitality for the most memorable moments in a lifetime.

Looking back upon blocking the whole month of June business for MAHAL Maintenance and Upgrade, in exchange for New Fresh Look with Improved Quality, Safety, and Durability, I am confident that our three and half year old baby MAHAL gonna win more and more people’s heart with time 🙂

blue nearingnature after sunsetGet Ready Toward Water Blue coast Pinky Barracuda moutain cruisingsulu sea white beachMAHAL vs. Beach Bye A

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Sharing a genuine Cruising Lifestyle with guests from all over the world on our 42ft Cruising Catamaran MAHAL at Boracay (www.Boracay-Sailing.com)
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