Moment of Life

One of our friends on the island passed away last month.

We acknowledge it was via a text message from a strange number.

‘No way’, it was my first response… ‘Must be an awful joke or some kind of a rumor’… I was taking it easy as my husband just had a coffee chat with this friend couple days ago and I have been bumping into him here and there often.

Right away, Steve called that number and verified the fact.

Unbelievable, I was in a shock and could not accept what was happening. I was planning to pay a visit right after this super busy Chinese New Year season.

I still remember how impressive this friend was and how visually stunning that night when he showed up on his motorcycle like a shining knight in real world, personally delivered my bag which I completely forgot and left behind at his restaurant while dining with my hubby… it was that particular moment, I have recognized his inherently warm heart and genuine hospitality no matter how others have judged him since.

Things just happened too quickly… in a blink of an eye he is gone. He was healthy yet sudden heart attack took him away. Life is so fragile and unpredictable.

I begin to wonder myself, whether I would always be this busy not stop a moment for anyone in my life who I should care, love, and cherish more… if I ever know any of them would be no longer live right after?

I thought those who play games all day long are wasting their precious lives, now I ask myself whether I am the one who have been trifling eternal moments of my life away by gloomy at some tiny bit things occasionally and not let go?

Life suppose be Happy and Enjoyable all the time, isn’t it? Well, better to cherish every moment with the ones I do care, and love, from now on…

Sunset with Paraw Colors2

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  1. wow what a blog.. and nice pics friends…

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