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Florence -Tuscany, Italy Trip

Florence, capital of the region of Tuscany, is a Renaissance city famous for its art and architecture.   The historical part of the city is largely contained in quite a small area, and very many of the places lie within … Continue reading

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Milan, Pisa & Lucca -Tuscany, Italy Trip

Tuscany (Italian Toscana) is a region in central Italy, often regarded as among the most beautiful parts of Italy.   According to my Italian friend, "TUSCANY IS FANTASTIC!!! AND PEOPLE PROBABLY ARE THE BEST OF ITALY."   This area is … Continue reading

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夫妻的结合 要保留空间    让天堂的祝福 在中间舞动    彼此相爱 但不要窒息    在灵魂的两岸 让爱成为涌动的海洋    一起欢笑 同舟共济    包容对方 容许独处    从来你是你 我是我     是彼此独立的个体     父母的儿女 其实不是父母的儿女    他/她们是生命 对自身渴望 诞生的孩子    借助载体 来到这个世上    在双亲身旁 却是独立的个体    父母可以给予爱 却不是思想    … Continue reading

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