BEST Goodbye to April

By the end of the cruise, the couple wants more pics to be taken… erm sure, why not?

We all followed, walking on the deck front, joking that ‘finally, you two get used to MAHAL and feel the love’ then all of a sudden, the guy kneeled down, oh my

Seriously…? The 29th Proposal is happening right now, in front of me without any notice, I still cannot believe it

Once really happened, congrats with sweetness and a bit rush of joy filled in the air… especially we now need hurry off after the sunset due to 6pm drop off rule since the re-opening of Boracay

Everyone but the guy is still a bit in shock… until my husband pointed out that ‘what a great way to say good bye to Apr’ and yes, indeed, this gonna be the blog I write to you, my friend, not only to make up the occupied March with missed blog due to back and forth visiting my parents in Shanghai, but also to share the genuine happiness we just received from the couple with continued blessing from Boracay

Good bye April… would be a much Better May ahead we know

the only Luxury MAHAL Sailing at Boracay

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Sharing a genuine Cruising Lifestyle with guests from all over the world on our 42ft Cruising Catamaran MAHAL at Boracay (
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