Best of Boracay

Almost 4month shutdown… staffs at remaining restaurants appeared happier, grateful that constructions on the white beach path are quickly recovered after piles of pipes vanished beneath

Motorcycles showed up on the white beach path… thankfully they are temporary, as for the conveniences of locals back and forth doing daily chores due to ongoing widespread devastation on the main road

Every night I hear distant sound of heavy machines from the main street… knowing construction workers are still there hard working while most of us are resting – thumbs up for them, they are the ones in the progress of making Boracay a Better place each day

After all, locals are back in enjoying the simple and quiet island life belonged to them long before the booming tourist industry taking over… beach jogging, bicycling, dog walking, family playing, together with shoreline fishing, badminton, and chess etc, of those activities I barely saw here and there before

It is the Best moment to embrace Boracay now… all we have heard about the old charming Boracay back then, is unbelievably resurged here with great facility of a modern life needs

P.S. so used to the serenity on the island currently, we begin to wonder whether would easily adapt the crowded beach with tons of noises whenever Boracay re-opens… or we might worry too much, pros and cons as always, surely there would be more options for quality dining and wining, besides vibrant beach ambiance with lots of energy floating in the air for exchange by then; so, looking forward to it

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