One Step Closer

Continual on and off weather recently, and the sound of the waves seemed getting extremely loud… the ocean is calling, so I ventured out in pouring rain

Weather does not bother me anymore… after living on a tropical island for almost 9 yrs, besides running the only luxury sailing business at Boracay which constantly, I need take care of guests from all over the world personally onboard, which made me much tougher/stronger with time

Considering ongoing constructions not only on main road but also on the white beach path, I chose walking along the shoreline this time… the moment I set my bare feet on the soft pure white sand, holding a big umbrella in my hand from the heavy rain (well, that is a first time), I am totally carried away by the gorgeous emerald green of the ocean color which changed once again, after days of dripping

No people in sight, but the stunning white beach completely private, stretching miles away in front of me… step by step, genuine happiness is bursting out, together with the vivid memory of why Boracay is Boracay, a magic island suited to everyone whether single, couple, family or group, rich or poor, kids, adults, or oldies, all equally enjoy and have a good time on the Paradise under Sun, is recalled

Now based on the official announcement of the re-opening of Boracay on Oct 26 (Friday), the whole island is on the countdown… with men team work lying pipes under and women on the other side, are sweeping the sand and cleaning the beach front, we know Boracay is Better day by day

P.S. with less and less dining and wining options available on the island, the bonding atmosphere however, at remaining few restaurant/bars between a handful of staffs and showed up guests who continued supporting local business like us, is getting warmer as a big family… it is a great time making new friends while understanding more with old friends, isn’t it?


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Sharing a genuine Cruising Lifestyle with guests from all over the world on our 42ft Cruising Catamaran MAHAL at Boracay (
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