Summer Vacation

No, I did not walk out of the house during the weekend of Jun 23… there was super loud music with groups’ cheers and DJ playing since that Saturday night, followed by very unusual beach crowds’ noises (especially for shutdown moment) with kids playing/screaming in the background of the whole Sunday, besides heavy bass boom boom music lasted till early morning of Monday of Jun 25

Recalling every time when a cruise ship arrived at Boracay, how overwhelming/chaos the main street and whole white beach front were… packed/buzzed by groups and groups of people on a once a week schedule and no, I was still not ready to face up with hustle from the blessing quiet/leisure/peaceful vacation time yet; over two months shutdown for now and my husband and I both are just settled in the new house, slowly getting familiar with the new neighborhood day by day

Found out it was San Juan Festival (celebrated with vigorous and boisterous street dancing, parades, and concerts) for local communities gathering together every Jun 24 in the entire Philippines… glad everyone out there had a good time over the weekend

Also, did you know… that Boracay itself is taking a break for vacation during this shutdown as well? So far with gentle wind and calm waves in most time, all of us have chosen staying on the small tropical island are lucky enough witnessing/embracing the miracle while half the year is gone


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