Professionalism or Magic

Nature itself is the BEST physician

Welcomed lots of people onboard, and it does not matter where they are from, how nervous/uneasy they were at the very beginning, after sailing for a while, MAHAL (our 42ft Cruising Catamaran means LOVE) can always calm down people somehow… by the moment we say goodbye, each of them always expressed how grateful/thankful they are, for us as owners’ great company and genuine hospitality they felt all the way, and what a wonderful/great/memorable/fantastic/peaceful/surreal sailing experience in a lifetime they have indulged on their vacation at Boracay

Such a complimentary always makes me happy… that realized each of them finally have relaxed, unwired from the crazy/hectic/noisy/crowded outside world was upon/around them, connecting with the nature, felt the wind, the wave, and the surroundings around them, started to appreciate how beautiful the whole world is

then to be continued…. here is the April Chapter I promised

Blessed April
Good Things Take Time

Lucky me… willfully visiting parents on Good Friday of Apr 14, finally unexpectedly joined in the Philippines Product Presentation organized by the Tourism Promotions Board on Apr 19, meeting old and new media, airline, and agent friends in the travel trade industry, owner and executive sales teams of different resort/hotels, and travel and tours companies from various regions including Boracay, besides attended reception/farewell party after the sales presentation event, hugging old tourist attaché friend to say goodbye meanwhile shaking hands with the new appointed attaché, welcoming him to my city Shanghai and sending my best regards in person

Accordingly, I dropped by the Philippines Booth at the very first trade day of the World Travel Fair held in Shanghai Exhibition Center, networking with more field people while promo Boracay in the next day

Foodie like me, certainly would not miss the golden opportunity to explore more gourmet dining experiences in Shanghai… encountered the open terrace Calypso in Jing An Shangri-La after the show, companied parents for their desired Yunnan cuisine at Yunhaiyao(云海肴), later indulged both my husband and I in the new tiffany blue MAURYA for its authentically numbing and spicy Sichuan cuisine, not mentioning more exotic taste buds for XiangXi(湘西), and LouLan(楼兰)cuisine in South China while  I joined my husband on his business trip after Shanghai

Life is full of so much pleasant surprises… and I enjoy it

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