Happy Energy

Travelling to Manila for couple days… while arrived at Caticlan airport, the security guy recognized me and greeted me warmly, ‘mam, see you again’, even by then he was busy with a big family group there; oh wow, Boracay energy has spread far to Caticlan now

Found the new gate & put myself through the security routine check… saw the green fresh Starbucks sign waving me with both tails; at my immediate approach I heard a group shouting, ‘Lilyan, mam Lilyan, lady L’, who? Where? And then, I found the whole team of Starbucks staffs behind counter at airport was happily seeing me there instead of greeting me at Boracay branch with their professionalism as before

Wow, what a small world… and how genuine hospitality and sincerity from human being could bring a Bright day right in front of you and yes, at that moment standing right there, I knew it gonna be a good trip even just for a quick break in Manila

Did all city chaos including shopping, dining, and entertaining in the middle of Makati… even no more InterContinental with familiar faces calling both my husband and me by names there; sad, yet it does start a new page for us to check out the rest brand hotels around my favorite Greenbelt area

At the last day after supper with my husband at German brotzeit, we are ready to be back Boracay for our simple and easy island lifestyle… quietly avoided a huge group chattering at the entrance of the Peninsula, the moment we stepped in the lobby, ‘Lilyan’, no way, I saw my long time no see friend from one of the luxury travel companies was there, because of the crowds waiting through security door checking outside

Such happy, and vivid energy all around… as I always believe, people to meet each other, whenever the time is right



About Lilyan

Sharing a genuine Cruising Lifestyle with guests from all over the world on our 42ft Cruising Catamaran MAHAL at Boracay (www.Boracay-Sailing.com)
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