More than Expected… Happy 2016


This is a BUSY December… I certainly did not expect

Attended a couple of invited Christmas parties in Makati at the beginning of the month, shopped for Christmas gifts while luckily got Korea visa in Manila, rushing back to Boracay and packed heavy clothes for my second time visiting Korea, then flew out on Dec 13 (Sunday) for Gyeonggi-do and Seoul, unexpectedly made so many new gentle kind and warm-hearted Korean friends there, even have passionately learned some simple dialogues just for sweetly greeting each other and now, finally settled back on the beautiful Boracay Island where I call home again

There is the cheerful holiday season atmosphere everywhere on the island… yet I am overwhelmed by everyday usual hectic schedule since, guess I am paying back for my all play no work in the past weeks

Life is fair enough… and it is always about the art of balance, isn’t it? I am working so hard right now, trying my best to regain the balance for my simple and relaxed lifestyle on the island back and hopefully, it could be reached by the end of the year

In the meantime, wishing you ALL have a Happy 2016 ahead

Fly Party Time Xmas Lights  Pine Tree Tiger FriendGarden Kimchi Pot Blessing Wheel  Temple Bell Time Big Budda Sincere Sleeping Beauty Pagoda  Balance Cuty Cozy Art of Nature  Old & New Flag Royal Museum  Bukchon Old Town Xmas Wall Xmas Deco Full Moon Sunset Glorious Color

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