Diamonds in the Sky

It was meant to be a break from routine… turned out it was a Refreshingly amazing trip – stars were brightly shining/blinking/twinkling in the sky as a dramatically surreal up up high ceiling, unbelievable sunset above the horizon on the way back from Coron, then group of dolphins were accompanying us for more than one hour jumping from time to time for the highlight at the dark night

We are blessed… we were so lucky

If there was no good rest during the most of the month of August, relaxing well and idling around for a bit too much… I don’t think we would take a 3-day cruise from Boracay to Busuanga back and forth at the beginning of this September

It was chartered for a MICE event at the request of ONLY a 5hrs Sailing at Busuanga… yet, we had a great time – not only crew bonding all the way, closer to the magic nature with enchanted moments here and there, but also met a group of people destined to meet (some just travelled from Boracay, some worked at Boracay, not mentioning the hotel at Busuanga that MICE group staying at is managed by the same consulting company for District Boracay)

What a small world, it seemed we all travelled different paths from Boracay to meet each other at Busuanga as the final destination

Still vividly remember… when all 6 dolphins were jumping out of the ocean at the same time, bidding farewell with the background music of MAHAL was playing Celine Dion’s TIME TO SAY GOOD BYE – it was a Magic, a stunning miracle happened with a flash touch on the perfect harmony between the universe and us as human being

set off Lights from Sky peaceful p2 approaching Busuanga Bay Lodge Coron Town Coron View MAHAL for Fuel mountain formation clouds blue sky about sunset sunset flashC360_2015-09-04-09-43-32-543 still there reflection fairy color sun set pink flash

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Blue Water Sailing back from Coron

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