This is Boracay

If people ever ask me when the Best moment of Boracay is, I always say when the sun is down, beach crowds are fading away, paraws are on their way home to Panay… you see all those local outriggers moving at their best spirits, sailing smoothly with the wind and gently along waves, while gorgeous after sunset color is still there warm and charming, it is a picture speechless but in pure indulgence with great pleasure.

Heat in the day light, and noises at background, gradually disappear… Only nature itself quietly yet profoundly presents the true beauty in an unbelievably elegant way and that, is the Best moment of Boracay that I admire, adore, and impress most of the time while at White Beach.

Even people on the beach in front who have blocked views earlier are turning into silhouettes and finally, you can hear the ocean, feel the wind, see the waves kissing the shore… few banca/speedboats would ever shout in full speed rudely cutting calm water through, Mars and Venus are twinkling in the sky seems not that far away, together with the rest at a slower pace, Boracay reverts to tranquil paradise at last.

By the way, we moved… after five years

Yes, we moved, finally… after five years cozily settling in a small village with pond in front and garden surroundings.

Boracay is indeed changing and becoming more commercial with time and sadly, besides the main road traffic people are complaining about, slight differences are also quietly happening in the local villages… the pond with fish is shrinking bit by bit while vivid green used to be is replaced by piles of construction materials each time while we travelled back.

I was joking with my husband that day by day, I feel like living on a construction site.

Well, luckily the reason we came at Boracay is all for its Simple and Happy lifestyle and when the Happiness apparently looks not that promising with the worse living surroundings every day, I know it is time to move on or at least to move out from the concrete jungle and trash zone.

After all, I am a city girl and if Boracay is undoubtedly developed into a beach front small city then I need my material world back a little to reach my basic standard of nice living condition.

So here we are now… settling in an ocean view garden villa with spa I can rest under stars for a continued Simple and Happy Life on the small tropical island in paradise, for the years to come.

2015 – A Goat Year (a Good Year ahead)

The year of Wooden Goat starts from this Feb 19 to next Feb 7. The Goat comes 8th in the Chinese zodiac therefore you can tell it is a lucky symbol.

People born in the year of the Goat are tender, polite, and kind-hearted. They are gentle, calm, and compassionate, preferring to work in a team and can cope with business cautiously and circumspectly.

Reserved and quiet, they enjoy spending money on the finer things in life. While fresh air and sunshine do wonders for their health, they should avoid pessimism and hesitation while keep their strong inner resilience and excellent defensive instincts.

Embracing it, it is a year of Prosperity and Peace around us 🙂

Boracay Sunset

Boracay Sunset After

Fairy Tale

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