Bye-bye 2014

By the end of the month, I ponder myself exactly the same question… Where does the time go?

Firstly was the year… often I feel just celebrated a New Year, then everyone is approaching the end of a year; then it was the week, was just Monday, the beginning of a week, then suddenly it is Wednesday, the mid-week, soon the weekend is slipping away.

That was not bad… now I feel just woke up, and it is the time to go to the bed again.

Life is short, isn’t it? So finally I told myself time to continue my Dream of Travel around the World, after 5-year numbly settling at Boracay, a small tropical island in Philippines.

We better enjoy every second and hold every breath we still have, living our life to the fullest… am I right?

aboard MAHAL at Boracay

One month earlier…

Where does the time go? I ask myself.

Day by day, it is December already… another year soon is passing by.

Just gathering for Christmas, now we are all looking forward to the New Year Eve celebration.

More often, I feel like just wake up, and it’s time to sleep again.

Scientists are talking about Black Hole on Discovery Science channel; with all kinds of social network, media, and digital world entirely around us, people seems subconsciously dragged further and deeper into some unknown zone meanwhile desperately to help themselves just be themselves consciously.

2015 is right ahead of us, then the year of the Sheep… oh my

Do we really know what we are doing every day?


What is really important… in life?

What should be our Priority?

What could not wait and has to be done urgently?

If we can Not do all, shall we only focus on the most important, and get the most of our life as for our achievement at all?

Boracay Sunset

About Lilyan

Sharing a genuine Cruising Lifestyle with guests from all over the world on our 42ft Cruising Catamaran MAHAL at Boracay (
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