City Life on the Island

Finally, I went to the latest addition on the island, the newly launched two-storey McDonald’s at the entrance of D’Mall on main street of Boracay, and tried McCafe coffee which I did Not try since its opening in Shanghai many many years ago.

Boracay is definitely marching into a commercial lifestyle.

I have talked with people of different ages from different countries and areas, who had visited Boracay dated back to 1980s when there’s no power no internet nothing but serenity and unbelievable stunning nature itself.

And there’s always that kind of mixed feeling, good and bad… such as after two McDonald’s opened now on the island, I certainly would not rush into McDonald for French fries anytime when I was in city.

Yet, sitting in the air-conditioned franchise, surrounded by kids screaming, pop music, and all kinds of background noise, I told myself even still on the island, I already start missing coffee at White Beach while there’s gentle breeze occasionally, and great ocean view right in front of me.

Well, all in all, I am a City Lady still prefer Nature Surrounding 😉

Concreted McDonalds White Beach Boracay

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