Intimacy Nowadays

Technology does transform the way we do things and everyday life we live. The way we communicate and interact is undergoing some dramatic revolution while becoming more and more digitally and electronically. We can reach virtually anyone instantly without national boundaries, yet we’re letting technology take us too far at the expense of intimacy and quality of our relationships over time.

Did you ever experience that even though we were with the very Human Being, the one we love, friends we care, people we like, we continued focusing on the screen in front of us and had to get information fix?… especially for younger generation nowadays, it is clear that tech and social media are ruling their lives and they just could NOT seem to go a few minutes without checking in.

So now, the online community is global and whether we like it or not, we’re always in the loop and literally, we have to unplug to escape. Interruption is constant for lots of us, and if things quiet down for a little, it can become sooo disquieting.

What stands out today as a gesture is a handwritten note or shutting off electronics to sit, talk, and walk with someone. I hope we all realize how SPECIAL it is to truly communicate with another person, one on one, face to face.

As for me, I remember every moment when I look into the eyes of my husband, I feel the LOVE he feels for me, it is so Warm, and so Real; I learn that a Gentle Smile or a Heartfelt Hug has far more POWER than the cleverest emoticon to lift another person’s spirit.

Feel LOVE aboard MAHAL

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