Real Life Hero

Many people strive for high ideals, yet real stories happen anyplace and anytime; everywhere life is full of heroism.
‘All the world’s a stage’ wrote by Shakespeare describes the surrounding around us could be the potential stage for anyone at any specific moment. And my husband here, certainly is the one put in the spotlight occasionally and highlighted by the cause of his significance at that moment of heroism.
The most impressive one happened recently at a weekend, when he jumped in the ocean and saved a Korean girl while we were at Boracay in the Philippines.
While others have been happening daily in life, such as: he would stop the taxi trying to run people over until the old and the kid cross the street safely, while the light is green suppose for all pedestrians walking cross the street firstly; he would hold the door open button and ask the guy smoking in the elevator to get out, until the cigarette in the guy’s hand put out completely; he would also stop the people throwing used tissue/trash on the ground and ask them to pick up right away; he would even call back the guy trying to throw empty bottle into trash can but bounced back on the ground to walk back picking up and throwing into the trash can properly…
All these and more goings on, I’ve been seeing in my eyes and justly proud of him, but in the meantime sensing a bit of embarrassment and shame, as the ones broke or ignored the laws were my own people; at the same time wondering why we as Chinese cannot recognize the bad behavior and point out or stop our own people right away, whether because we’ve been used to and could not see it or because we prefer to ignore with less trouble? also, whether the people behaved like that ever realized their behavior in public was that bad, or they did it just by force of habit without consciousness and lack of education since childhood?
As a proud Chinese and Shanghainese, I have to step up now and claim everyone on my side that agree we shall be all responsible for our own country and city, to help improve our place with better surrounding and people around.
If a foreigner has been contributing all efforts to our society and making the city better, (as you know, my husband is an American, a kind, gentle, sweet one most of time, and a proud, arrogant one sometimes depending on the circumstance, which I believe it’s in his genes), so should we as Chinese.
After all, it is our city and country – it is us shall care more and take care more of the surrounding and our own people.
We all want to be a hero, yet a hero is human being just like you and me. So let’s do something – let’s believe even a small effort can make a big difference in this world.
I sincerely urge every one of you to reach out, reaching out further, to help improve the city, until throughout the whole country.

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