Kenny G Shanghai Tour

March 29 – Yun Feng Theatre, Shanghai  
RMB1280 VIP ticket, Lower 2nd Row Aisle Seat, I was so close to the stage, to Kenny G, the world’s most renowned soprano saxophone stylist.
Born on June 5, 1956 in Seattle, Washington, Kenny G (Kenneth Gorelick) is a fine player with an attractive sound, putting a lot of emotion into his solos. "As an artist you’re supposed to do your thing just the way you feel it," he said. "I play saxophone the way I play saxophone. The music that I play, that’s what I feel inside."
What Kenny G has been feeling inside has served him well during the past quarter century. Over years, his signature sound has identified him as a household name. At this event site, you can tell he has a solid fan base here in China, and he knows how to communicate well with them.
Although Kenny’s primary instrument is the soprano saxophone, he is credited for playing alto and tenor as well. He played all three kinds that night.
He played "Songbird", "Beautiful", and "I’m In the Mood for Love". He played over Louis Armstrong’s original "What a Wonderful World", and his own version of Celine Dion/Titanic "My Heart Will Go On". Besides "Going Home", the song made him so famous in whole China.
He also played local "The Moon Represents My Heart"(月亮代表我的心)as a compliment "Shanghai Nü Hai Hen Piao Liang"Pretty Girls in Shanghaito all Shanghai women.
But I believe the long note Kenny played that night impressed all audiences the most. In 1997, Kenny actually achieved a Guinness Book World Record for playing the longest note recorded on a saxophone, specifically holding an E flat for forty five minutes and forty seven seconds.
Close distance brought close feeling, I realize Kenny has very kind eyes.
It was a fantastic melody journey to me that night.

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