Day Ten -First Two Weeks of My Eight Months’ Travel

Morning I did my laundry in hotel then towards to Sequoia National Park. Firstly, I’ll pass through Sequoia National Forest.
On the way for a while I find there’s not enough gas in the car. I am so nervous and even lost my breakfast appetite. Meanwhile, I begin trying to figure out what’s possible the closest gas station will be in next couple towns. And fortunately, thanks to God, I made it.
All the way there’re acres of fields spreading with grasses and wild flowers. The smell in the air is so lovely and I find out most are from orange trees.
I picked the closest hotel in front of Sequoia National Park, Buckeye Tree Lodge. First time I chose the room on ground floor, because through the back door of that room, I can walk to the beautiful singing river and enjoy the surrounding trees, closer to nature.
While I am relaxing beside the river, a Kayak team passed by and I’m quite shocked. Watching them one by one going through the rapid river, I do admire their courage and that kind of adventure spirit.

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