Day Six -First Two Weeks of My Eight Months’ Travel

Morning I go to Ruby Restaurant for my breakfast, which is located at the end of the longest pier on west coast. I’m looking forward it all the time and when I’m there finally, I picked Ruby Burger Combo as my brunch. The 20 years old famous restaurant’s burger is so delicious, which makes me so happy and stuffed. I even have to walk for a while to digest little bit.
Then I’m toward to San Diego, the beautiful city that almost every friend in Shanghai I know mentioned to me before. On the way there, there’re beautiful scenes all over the places. All trees, flowers and those nice houses among them make the view enjoyable.
I chose Mission Bay as the place I stay at. Around the hotel circle I found West Marine, the professional sailing store for my sailing gloves.
After some rest, I went to southern California’s premiere dining, shopping and entertainment district and one of San Diego’s most historic areas Gaslamp Quarter. Strolling past the district’s grand, historic buildings, reading their original character and seeing the charming Victorian-style buildings constructed between 1880 and 1910, I have a great time.

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