Day One -First Two Weeks of My Eight Months’ Travel

Life is good.
Sitting on the airplane, watching Richard Gere latest movie "Shall We Dance", somehow I feel myself in the dream, everything seems too ideal to be true.
Finally I escape from the horrible hectic city life and have no regret at all. Plan to enjoy my life from now, from this moment.
I am Free!
…Jet Lag is killing me. Headache caused by 10 hours flight from Shanghai to San Francisco tortures me since I’ve been landing at San Francisco Airport.
Took a nap and get refreshed to dinner two hours later.
On the way I pass the famous restaurants fancy area North Beach, meanwhile impressed by the special landscape in front of me: all cars parked at an angle about 50 degree both uphill and downhill -thrilling but cool.
Walking to San Francisco Chinatown, the biggest Chinatown in America, first time I had my fortune cookie as dessert in a Chinese restaurant. Reading the note inside the cookie, first time I am serious as an April Fool 😀
Later on the way back hotel, I passed Lombard Street, the crookest street in the world. 27% inclined street full of green nature, all cars travel the slowest possible speed downhill.
After all, I am free and begin enjoying my new life!

About Lilyan

Sharing a genuine Cruising Lifestyle with guests from all over the world on our 42ft Cruising Catamaran MAHAL at Boracay (
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