City Life on the Island

Finally, I went to the latest addition on the island, the newly launched two-storey McDonald’s at the entrance of D’Mall on main street of Boracay, and tried McCafe coffee which I did Not try since its opening in Shanghai many many years ago.

Boracay is definitely marching into a commercial lifestyle.

I have talked with people of different ages from different countries and areas, who had visited Boracay dated back to 1980s when there’s no power no internet nothing but serenity and unbelievable stunning nature itself.

And there’s always that kind of mixed feeling, good and bad… such as after two McDonald’s opened now on the island, I certainly would not rush into McDonald for French fries anytime when I was in city.

Yet, sitting in the air-conditioned franchise, surrounded by kids screaming, pop music, and all kinds of background noise, I told myself even still on the island, I already start missing coffee at White Beach while there’s gentle breeze occasionally, and great ocean view right in front of me.

Well, all in all, I am a City Lady still prefer Nature Surrounding ;)

Concreted McDonalds White Beach Boracay

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Habagat Season at Boracay

‘Rain is coming’, the security guard is trying to warn me… there’s Big Heavy Dark clouds quickly approaching and meanwhile, I feel a few drops in the air already.

‘Should I go back home and get an umbrella?’ I ask myself… ‘It is Habagat Season after all, I should always carry an umbrella with me while out just in case’.

But I didn’t, and now, I’m stuck in the rain after a short tricycle ride in front of D’ Mall.

Jump into Budget Mart and hide myself behind air-conditioned shelves… 10minutes later, I checked outside, big drops seemed drizzling and the sky lit up again.

I step outside and walk to my favorite coffee shop on White Beach, beginning another simple happy day in paradise.

As long as the sun is there, the rain will not last long, well, that is the faith I always have even it is Habagat Season at Boracay :)

White Beach Sunset on August


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Tiny Moments

The surprise of life always is finding how we have missed the things that have lain nearest to us; how we have gone far away to seek that which was close by our side all the time

Guests stay at Shangri-La who visit Boracay for the very first time, once discussed with us how surprising and impressed they are while they find out how poor Filipinos are yet how amazingly happy and friendly they have showed to them.

Well, people on this tropical island probably do not have a lot of material possessions, yet they are not poor, don’t you see?

They give away lots of smile whenever available, making everyone around feel genuine warm and happy. Spiritually, they are healthy and very rich.

Here is an example…

I went to market one day and want to buy 5 bananas, the boy behind fruit stand tried to cut off 5 yet accidently peeled additional one skin halfway… Ok, now what?

He simply handed the peeled one to me… ‘It’s yours, free’… we then checked out the scale for the 5 bananas I asked for and accordingly, I rounded up just try to make up for some of his lost. Yet guess what, he gave me way too much changes and I have to give back the amount he deserves… ‘what for?’ he questioned… ‘It is yours, for your kindness’, that is my answer.

Find, and Live on this island named Boracay in Philippines, both my husband and I always feel truly grateful and blessed.

Oh, BTW, Kitty is back… after all drama happened in our backyard with more kittens surprisingly showed up with healthy figures, together as a big happy family after his mysteriously missing over a month.

Finally, I feel relieved… just by staring at his gentle and kind face, witnessing my husband holds him as a normal house cat at our front door again.

Life is full of miracle, isn’t it?

Habagat Sunset at Boracay

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Life in General

More Lives

Did I mention that my husband has a golden heart, often playing real life hero in our daily life?

Well, he did again, and this time, he saved a tiny bit kitten from street; and yes, congratulations, besides another kitten behind the seems-pregnant-again-mom-cat, we soon will have an army of baby cats outside of the garden greeting us :D

That’s the beauty of the life, isn’t it? There’s pleasant surprise on every corner and we just did not know yet.

World Cup 2014

It is Habagat Season at Boracay.

Wind blows from west/southwest, all water sports are moved at Bulabog side from White Beach for safety reason, heavy rainfall at night more often.

It is FIFA World Cup 2014 since midnight of Jun 13 at Boracay Time.

Following qualification matches between Jun 2011 and Nov 2013, a total 32 teams participate in the tournament for the men’s football world championship, taking place in Brazil until this Jul 14.

With the time difference between Boracay and Brazil, the matches are usually midnight or in the very early hours of the morning. So thanks for the on-off raining days during Habagat Season, I finally did not miss out much of the great excitement while watching live broadcast of the games as below ;)

Sun 15 June
6am                   England 1-2 Italy

Tue 17 June
Midnight          Germany 4-0 Portugal

Wed 18 June
3am                   Brazil 0-0 Mexico
6am                   Russia 1-1 South Korea

Thu 19 June
Midnight          Australia 2-3 Netherlands

Fri 20 June
6am                   Japan 0-0 Greece

Sat 21 June
3am                  Switzerland 2-5 France

Fri 27 June
Midnight         USA 0-1 Germany
4am                  South Korea 0-1 Belgium

Mon 30 June
Midnight         Netherlands 2-1 Mexico

Good Luck Rainbow Sunset at Habagat SeasonColor after Sunset

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Peninsula Afternoon Tea

Rushed to Hong Kong for my birthday celebration around the end of last month, I just realized that I completely forgot updating my blog of May.

Sometimes it happens… uh… yet all in all, I did have a Great Time for my birthday.

Pictures attached below for the Happiness sharing… I shall certainly post another piece for this month, to make up to you, my friend ;)


ParkingHKHK PeninsulaHK PeninsulaMenuHK PeninsulaHKFavorite

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Missing Kitten

Korean neighbor gave my husband a little kitten for fear of two dogs in his house might accidently kill the small baby cat.

It is a super quiet one, tiny yet healthy (thanks to the neighbor’s effort in the past)… it is well behaved, always withdraws itself into an unbelievable small corner then curiously looks at the whole world surrounded.

We have been feeding wide cats in the garden for recent years; one named Kitty is especially close to us – pat, hold, even spray cold shower occasionally does not really bother him, probably because we fed him with milk since he’s little and almost dying by then.

‘Kitty is freak out’ according to my husband while he is holding the little kitten at doorway… Kitty is almost our door cat, greeting us on the little path home quite often. ‘I would feel a bit hurt all because he was the only one we have been taking care of in person’ as my response.

Then Kitty and little kitten were getting along well with each other, Kitty is a gentle one, I saw he is like a big brother guiding/playing with the little vigorous one.

The little one is cute… eat, sleep, more eat and sleep… it was last seen eating by sticking the whole face in the bowl while we leave the house, then it disappeared, vanished as if we never had it.

Go with flow… I told myself, it would finally show up, whining at us like it never left.

Meanwhile, the best I can do is to pray for its safety.

Little Kittencorner

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Las Vegas Trip

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

My husband and I have been travelling to Las Vegas several times… trips I can recall were ten years ago from my city Shanghai of China, and four years ago from the small tropical island of Boracay in Philippines that we just settled in.

Both trips were lots of fun – gambled a lot, networked a lot, partied a lot… the unusual 24/7 no day and night or all day and night theme there set me free from my hectic work schedule and daily routine life almost immediately.

Whether gain or lose does not really matter as for either a short time fun or a long time entertainment.

After staying at Boracay, the Paradise under Sun also renowned as Party Island for over four years, this whole week trip in the Sin City however, was not enjoyable as we expected.

I did gamble a bit, spent a whole day shopping in the premier outlets, and yes, enjoyed fine dining at different cuisine restaurants almost every night… yet deep inside, there is no great pleasure as two trips before.

I wonder whether it is because Las Vegas is updating itself as a spectacular entertainment and nightlife city with more focus on shows and fine dining experiences than just casino gambling nowadays, or because I have been used to living a true Cruising Lifestyle surrounded by beautiful nature, friendly people, and guests from all over the world with real happiness at Boracay every day?

Now I know I am the Lucky One :)

Sin City

Night Time in Las Vegas

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