Las Vegas Trip

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

My husband and I have been travelling to Las Vegas several times… trips I can recall were ten years ago from my city Shanghai of China, and four years ago from the small tropical island of Boracay in Philippines that we just settled in.

Both trips were lots of fun – gambled a lot, networked a lot, partied a lot… the unusual 24/7 no day and night or all day and night theme there set me free from my hectic work schedule and daily routine life almost immediately.

Whether gain or lose does not really matter as for either a short time fun or a long time entertainment.

After staying at Boracay, the Paradise under Sun also renowned as Party Island for over four years, this whole week trip in the Sin City however, was not enjoyable as we expected.

I did gamble a bit, spent a whole day shopping in the premier outlets, and yes, enjoyed fine dining at different cuisine restaurants almost every night… yet deep inside, there is no great pleasure as two trips before.

I wonder whether it is because Las Vegas is updating itself as a spectacular entertainment and nightlife city with more focus on shows and fine dining experiences than just casino gambling nowadays, or because I have been used to living a true Cruising Lifestyle surrounded by beautiful nature, friendly people, and guests from all over the world with real happiness at Boracay every day?

Now I know I am the Lucky One :)

Sin City

Night Time in Las Vegas

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Moment of Life

One of our friends on the island passed away last month.

We acknowledge it was via a text message from a strange number.

‘No way’, it was my first response… ‘Must be an awful joke or some kind of a rumor’… I was taking it easy as my husband just had a coffee chat with this friend couple days ago and I have been bumping into him here and there often.

Right away, Steve called that number and verified the fact.

Unbelievable, I was in a shock and could not accept what was happening. I was planning to pay a visit right after this super busy Chinese New Year season.

I still remember how impressive this friend was and how visually stunning that night when he showed up on his motorcycle like a shining knight in real world, personally delivered my bag which I completely forgot and left behind at his restaurant while dining with my hubby… it was that particular moment, I have recognized his inherently warm heart and genuine hospitality no matter how others have judged him since.

Things just happened too quickly… in a blink of an eye he is gone. He was healthy yet sudden heart attack took him away. Life is so fragile and unpredictable.

I begin to wonder myself, whether I would always be this busy not stop a moment for anyone in my life who I should care, love, and cherish more… if I ever know any of them would be no longer live right after?

I thought those who play games all day long are wasting their precious lives, now I ask myself whether I am the one who have been trifling eternal moments of my life away by gloomy at some tiny bit things occasionally and not let go?

Life suppose be Happy and Enjoyable all the time, isn’t it? Well, better to cherish every moment with the ones I do care, and love, from now on…

Sunset with Paraw Colors2

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse

2014 is the Chinese Year of the Green Wooden Horse, and the New Year Day arrives on January 31, 2014.

In Chinese Five Element theory, Horse is the strongest Fire animal in 12 zodiacs. Therefore, 2014 is Wood on Fire, a strong Fire year.

Wood can help Fire to burn hotter, higher, and longer, yet too much Fire implies hot temper without patient. Short-tempered personality will likely bring very poor and hostile feelings in relationships with friends and siblings, possibly bad investments, money loss, and financial problems. So adjust emotions by treating people around friendly and behaving righteously, communicate well with mutual understanding and trust in the Year of the Horse is the Key.

While Fire is ignited, the flames of Fire will go high very quickly, which means people need to prepare to receive the fortune when the opportunity appears.

In China, a prancing horse is considered a symbol of success and positive thinking. The horse also represents activity and creativity, a symbol of traveling, be prepared people will have busy schedule for their goal in the Year of the Horse.

As for people born in the year of the horse, they normally have ingenious communicating techniques, like entertainment and love to be in the crowd. They usually have strong endurance but with bad temper. Flamboyant by nature, sometimes they talk too much and are quite stubborn. Yet they are popular among friends, and active at work.

For people born in the year of the Tiger, and Dog, the Year of the Horse is a Good Year as they are good company to the Horse.

May the Year of the Horse enrich your days with Health and Happiness in abundance, My Friend :)

Happy Horse Year

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Worst is Over

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven

I thought the Typhoon was the worst; finally it proved NOT~ it is the fact of NO POWER NO INTERNET after the nature disaster, continued with ON/OFF Power and UP/DOWN Internet on the island EVERY Day is the WORST.

It just seemed a bit overwhelmed at that moment for a city girl like me; so finally I ran away~ I flew in Shanghai and visited my parents and friends for ten days.

I was lucky, weather in Shanghai of this December was not cold at all. There was even gorgeous sunset with beautiful clouds in the sky welcomed me while I was in taxi from airport that night.

Nice relaxing family reunion time, followed with couple days of dining and party time with new friends we just made on board MAHAL this November.

Walking again around my familiar French Concession area while shopped for Christmas and 2014 New Year, it was indeed a great time back despite I have encountered serious smog ever in my life.

Back Boracay continuing a daily life with unstable electricity and internet, I certainly appreciate fresh air and nature stunning views around me much more.

With time pass by, electricity and internet is slowly back stable on the island and in the end, the worst is over. Nowhere is perfect and after all, I learn to be still, accept pro and cons, and enjoy every moment in my life with positive attitude.

Happy 2014 Soon, My Friend ;)

Boracay Island CC

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After Typhoon

Day Two

Signal is Strong… yet Globe server is down, I am isolated from family, friends, basically the whole outside world since

Start making stories in my head… such as Boracay is indeed disappeared from pubic eye to another dimension, yet no one on the island realized and everyone is continuously living in a happy easy life, meanwhile the reality world is searching and every media is reporting the vanish tragically

Walking out, I have to witness what’s going on… besides to find out whether MAHAL (our 42ft Cruising Catamaran hiding in Loock Bay one day before the typhoon) is safely back at Station 3 or not yet

Real Coffee is gone, Starbucks is decorated with Christmas atmosphere

Looking through the window door, Boracay seems much brighter~ after all those gloomy, cloudiness, craziness, with the SUPER typhoon on the planet of this year… ocean is crystal greenish blue, palm trees are calm, waving with slightly gentle wind occasionally; there are guests swimming, banca (local motor boat) and paraw (local small sail boat) passing by with passengers on board for diving, sightseeing etc activities

Life is going on, no matter what happened, as ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

Couple days later…

Still no internet, no phone coverage, no power… broken trees and roofs are everywhere, yet people start walking out of their house~ everyone is bonding

I thought the island is a mess, yet I just realized that I was WRONG

There was NOTHING from the beginning… nature beauty is still here

Days after, there’s storm coming…

We as guests of the restaurant/shops leisurely sitting outside are immediately looking for a place to hide… yet I witnessed staffs working in the rain, setting up a nice shield in spite of they are soaking wet in the rain already~ that is the genuine Hospitality, that is warm spirit of Boracay

Sun Set on Nov 14 Clouds after Sunset

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Typhoon Yolanda

At Beginning, I was Crying, for Being Alone, Facing Up with the Uncertainty

Husband is on business trip, Friends are not around, Internet first Down, Followed up was the Power, Phone coverage finally disappeared, while wind and rain became Strong

Dancing trees started bending over, Broken branches scattered on the ground, Leaves ripped off from the tree, Helplessly carried in the air

Pond began seriously wavy, Water level kept raising higher, Wind whistle turned into extreme scream everywhere

Only by then, I realized I was Stuck, No way to contact anyone, No way for Help

Yet after all, I am Alive, Experience only made me Strong

Clouds and Ocean before typhoon

Broken TreesBoracay after Typhoon

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Surreal Santorini

‘Don’t cry for me… Santorini’~ it is a joke my husband has been making on me since we are back from our Greece trip this month.

We spent four days in Athens while celebrated our 10th Anniversary at Dionysos by the Acropolis, a landmark venue where globally well known as the restaurant under Acropolis. The next day we flew to Santorini and spent a whole week on the small volcanic island.

Still remember mood was slightly changing when taxi took us from crowded downtown Fira toward remote scenic Oia, a small village famous for best sunset viewing… also remember vividly that I was screaming all the way while the carrier had two of our luggage on his shoulder and guided us toward the traditional white cliff house built in the niches carved into the caldebra on the seaward side, that one only sees in movies and dreams of in pictures of Greece.

Men with beard, gentle and kind, patiently answering every question popped out of my super excited head with calm smile and all sincerity… variety of shops even those sell souvenirs are decorated in white and blue with irresistible charm and impressive inspiration while I was shopping~ not mentioning those musicians playing songs with different instruments in live music performances from genuine heart and soul.

On the last day I became very emotional and reluctantly bid farewell to Oia, the pearl of the Aegean, where I have fallen in love with~ even did find out in the first place that the climate is dry, the sun is hot, and the location is indeed in desert… my heart was melting there somehow.

Now back on the warm humid easy going Boracay, I truly understand the tropical island we are staying at is certainly a Paradise, with low key carefree people all around… yet deep inside, I really miss the creative the fine the enlightening spirit of art, culture, and atmosphere at Santorini.

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